SOURCE – Ensiferum has a very defined sound, but there’s always something slightly different with each album. How would you characterize this one? Petri Lindroos (Vocals, Guitar) – Well, all the albums are done in different studios with different producers/recorders and we always try to get some new amps for guitars and new instruments as well […]

One Way Mirror

SOURCE – One Way Mirror’s newest release Capture drops on February, 2015. What can fans of One-Way Mirror expect from the upcoming release? Franck Potvin (Rhythm guitars, Backing vocals) – A Rock/Metal catchy album! It’s not that easy to describe your own music but some people say that Capture is our best album. Some powerful songs […]


SOURCE – Let’s cover the basics first. What’s the origin of the band’s name? LOMMI – Well, we guess that we are not the first guys in history who thought Tony Iommis last name was pronounced Lommi when we were kids!? Starting out as a three-piece-riff-loving band it all started as kind of a joke that […]

Lure Out the Beast

SOURCE – Let’s talk about first video of the new album, Driven. It’s a great track and the chorus has been stuck in my head all day. Do you feel like Driven is a good representation of what fans can expect from Lure Out the Beast? Knut Svanholm (vocals, guitar) – Yes! Driven was chosen as […]

Dorsal Atlantica – Imperium

Dorsal Atlantica – Imperium Heavy Records 9,0/10,0 Tracklist: 1 – Ave Imperium – intro 2 – Imperium 3 – Amaldiçoados 4 – Mestres Ficam Cegos, Surdos São os Servos 5 – Crise Anunciada Antes da Verdade Revelada 6 – Grotesca Essa Terra é 7 – Centro, Direita, Esquerda 8 – Deus que Dança 9 – […]