SOURCE – Under The Red Cloud is finished and ready to come out on September 4th. How do you feel about the finished product? Tomi Koivusaari (Guitar) – I feel very strong about it, I honestly think it is one of our best albums, even that’s clichee to say that heh, but really, I’m really happy […]


SOURCE – How come it took four years between Live By The Code and The 25th Hour? Scott Vogel (Vocals) – Well my friend it’s only been a little over two years. Live By The Code came out in April 2013. This thing is right on time. SOURCE – The new album is called The […]

Cattle Decapitation

SOURCE – Every album has that distinctive Cattle Decapitation style, but what’s different about The Anthropocene Extinction? David McGraw (Drums) – Every Cattle Decapitation album has its own sort of unique ambience and topics in which we focus on lyrically and conceptually. For our new album which comes out August 7th, we naturally progressed into […]


SOURCE – Your newest album The Ride Majestic is coming out in just over a month on August 28 via Nuclear Blast, do you expect different reactions/reception or do you go through similar motions with every release? David Andersson (Guitar) – Every time you release an album, you always want it to be the best […]

Straight Line Stitch

SOURCE – Congratulations on your new record Transparency, I feel that this is perhaps your best record ever, how do you feel about this statement? Alexis Brown (Vocals) – Thank you. I think by your statement we accomplished what we initially set out to do and that was make a solid record that goes beyond […]

Powerwolf – Blessed & Possessed

Powerwolf – Blessed & Possessed Napalm Records 8/10 Tracklist: 1. Blessed & Possessed 4:42 2. Dead Until Dark 3:49 3. Army of the Night 3:21 4. Armata Strigoi 3:59 5. We Are the Wild 3:41 6. Higher Than Heaven 3:30 7. Christ & Combat 3:39 8. Sanctus Dominus 3:22 9. Sacramental Sister 4:36 10. All […]


SOURCE – Has the band’s songwriting process stayed consistent over the years or does it vary from album to album? Shawter (Vocals) – Except for our very first album, each of our record were composed almost the same way. I first think about a global concept, an atmosphere, a title, a scenario, then I start writing […]