George Kollias

SOURCE – How did the George Kollias project come about? George Kollias – It was just an idea in the beginning, recording some of the songs I wrote for my 2 instructional DVDs and just release something official for the fans. I saw many people enjoying my music and asking for more songs so that was the main motivation […]

To Die For

SOURCE – Would you say that the new album is more immediately accessible than Samsara? Jape Perätalo (Vocals) – Hmmm… I think it is, what comes to its slash and burn. Some TDF fans are missing more keyboards, or more clean vocals. But this is CULT album, and this is how we wanted do album this […]


SOURCE – Let’s talk about Audiotopsy – the new project that you’re part of. You guys have a new album Natural Causes coming out. What can you tell us about this process? How did this thing come together for you to the point where you’re ready to tour now? Greg Tribbett (Guitars) – I was […]

Boy Sets Fire

SOURCE – You’ve got your new album, Boysetsfire. What was the process like in recording that album and what can Boy Sets Fire fans expect to hear on it? Robert Ehrenbrand (Bass) – There is something really special about this record… it has a very energetic, yet hopeful undertone and it represents the band 100%. […]

The Great Discord

SOURCE – What should the fans expect of this new album Duende and how would you describe it to the fans that have not listened to it yet? Fia Kempe (Vocals) | Aksel Holmgren (Drums) – The meaning of the word Duende can be compared with a heightened state of emotion in what you do, […]

Rotting Christ

SOURCE – Your band has been active for almost twenty seven years now and you have a big discography, yet Lucifer Over Athens is the first ever live release. How was the decision taken? Sakis Tolis (Vocals/Guitar) – As a band with 27 years as you already mentioned with 13 studio albums couple of demos and […]