SOURCE – Primeiramente, parabéns pelo relançamento do Serpent Temptation. Como foram as negociações para este importante relançamento? Moyses M. Howard (Drums) – Obrigado! Foram excelentes, a gravadora Relapse tem um staff super profissional, adoramos a Relapse Records! SOURCE – O Opprobrium tem estado bastante ausente na cena. O que falta ao Opprobrium para o lançamento de […]


SOURCE – Primeiramente parabéns pelo material promocional atual da banda. O Sinistro parece ser uma banda pequena, mas muito profissional e organizada. Achei bastante interessante as seções de fotos. Quem foi o fotográfo? R (Guitar) – As fotos foram cortesia de dois talentosos artistas Portugueses, a Joana Linda e o Pedro Almeida. SOURCE – Conhecendo […]

Demon Incarnate

SOURCE – Could you please introduce us Demon Incarnate, by means of the members, the background and history of the formation of the band? Jan (guitars) – Oh yes sure but first of all we woul like to thank you for your interest in us. So Demon Incarnated was founded in 2010. We are a […]


SOURCE – Sindrome was formed in 1986. How did you meet each other? At those days, was it difficult to find proper musicians with the skill and the right vision for the music you wanted to play? Troy Dixler (Vocals) – Shaun Glass (Bass) and I grew up together. He was in Terminal Death and […]


SOURCE – The new record In Sequence sounds amazing and it’s out there! How do you feel about it? What has the feedback been so far? Ben Varon (Guitars) – Thank you! The first reviews we’ve seen have all been really good, even excellent. The fans seem to enjoy it as well, so it’s looking good […]


SOURCE – With your twelfth and one of your best albums [An Epiphany of Hate] in my opinion, what keeps you guys at that edge after all these years? As cliché as it is, it’s hard not to be comparative against the notion that these things have an expiration date. Paul Speckman (Vocals, bass) – […]