Wolves At The Gate

SOURCE – Types and Shadows is the newest Wolves At The Gate album. What was the mindset going into the songwriting and performance aspects of this recording? Stephen Cobucci (Guitar/Melodic Vocals) – Going into this record we really wanted to challenge ourselves to push beyond what was comfortable for us and to analyze every idea […]


SOURCE – What’s been going on the past several years that have led to the long stretch between albums? John LaMacchia (Guitars) – Candiria has been on hiatus as a touring band for nearly a decade. The members of the band have been involved in other music projects over the years and now we have […]


SOURCE – I wanted to start things off by asking about the new album Necrobreed you have out. What were the actual changes that you tried to bring forth on this record? Julien Truchan (Vocals) – We simply wanted to release the most violent and insane Benighted record ever. We worked a lot on the sound […]

20 Classical Bands From Brazil

[Dorsal Atlantica] 1 – Sepultura – Schizophrenia 2 – Dorsal Atlântica – Antes Do Fim 3 – Vulcano – Bloody Vengeance 4 – Sarcófago – I.N.R.I. 5 – Psychic Possessor – Toxin Diffusion 6 – Ratos de Porão – Brasil 7 – Chakal – Abominable Anno Domini 8 – Taurus – Signo De Taurus 9 […]

Top 20 Albums Of 2016

[Ignite] Mass Hysteria – Le Trianon   Gojira – Magma   Ignite – A War Against You   Wolves At The Gate – Types and Shadows   Rotting Christ – Rituals   Fates Warning – Theories Of Flight   Madder Mortem – Red in Tooth and Claw   Devil Drive – Trust No One   […]

20 Classical [Death] Metal Bands

[Opprobrium] 1 – Hellhammer – Apocalyptic Raids 2 – Slaughter – Strappado 3 – Possessed – Seven Churches  4 – Death Strike – Fuckin’ Death 4 – Master – Master 5 – Death – Scream Bloody Gore 6 – Morbid Angel – Altars Of Madness 7 – Entombed – Left Hand Path 8 – Sacrifice […]


SOURCE – In order to start, can you talk a little bit about Sirenia’s last album Dim Days Of Dolor? How has the repercussion and the reception of the album by the fans been? It’s a great album, so can you talk a little bit about that? Morten Veland (Guitar, Vocals) – Most of the […]