Nuclear Blast Records 9,0/10,0 Tracklist: 01. The Distorting Light 02. When The Jackals Come 03. Fostering The Divide 04. Rise The Heretics 05. Thrown To The Fire 06. Destructive Currents 07. Lower 08. Atonement 09. Above All 10. The Power Of Gods 11. Epiphany Main Focus Tracks: 01. The Distorting Light 03. Fostering The Divide […]

Kreator – Gods of Violence

Nuclear Blast Records 8,0/10,0 Tracklist: 01. Apocalypticon 02. World War Now 03. Satan Is Real 04. Totalitarian Terror 05. Gods Of Violence 06. Army Of Storms 07. Hail To The Hordes 08. Lion With Eagle Wings 09. Fallen Brother 10. Side By Side 11. Death Becomes My Light Main Focus Tracks: 02. World War Now […]

We the Moon

SOURCE – Describe the songwriting and recording process for your single The Hunter and The Prey. Brian Stilling Nielsen (Bass) – Our first ‘draft’ of the song, came together rather quickly, the riffs and overall arrangement. But Mark (guitar) came in and had ideas for a more intricate approach between the bass and drums in […]


SOURCE – You’ve had a couple lineup changes since your last album. How did guitarist Andreas Pedersen and drummer Rune Frisch come to join the band? Morten Bell (Guitars) – Yeah, we have had a few changes throughout the years – simply because that the previous members did’nt want to “conquer the world” if you […]


  SOURCE – Hey guys thanks for taking the time to talk with us. For those who aren’t familiar with you and your music, can you tell us a little about Jinjer? Eugene Kostyuk (Bass) – Hi there, pleasure to talk to you. My name is Eugene and I am a bass-guitarist of JINJER. We […]

Sepultura – Machine Messiah

Nuclear Blast Records 5,0/10,0 Tracklist: 01 – Machine Messiah 02 – I Am The Enemy 03 – Phantom Self 04 – Alethea 05 – Iceberg Dances 06 – Sworn Oath 07 – Resistant Parasites 08 – Silent Violence 09 – Vandals Nest 10 – Cyber God Main Focus Tracks: 02 – I Am The Enemy […]

Vladimir Korg

SOURCE – Primeiramente gostaria de parabenizá-lo pela performance em Destroy! Destroy! Destroy! do Chakal. Qual foi o motivo dessa sua segunda saída da banda? Vladimir Korg (Vocals) – Obrigado. Apenas desgaste natural. Desconectamos e já não estávamos funcionando mais juntos. O Chakal faz um grande trabalho e sabem muito bem como se reformatar. Eles sempre […]

Deathless Legacy

SOURCE – Dance With Devils is your latest effort – was there anything different that you were trying to do with this album than your previous efforts? Eleonora Steva Vaiana (Vocals) – Dance With Devil was different from the very beginning. It is “The Gathering”‘s child, it is more metal, but it was spontaneus. We didn’t […]

The 10 best releases on DieHard Records

[Konkhra] 1 – Illdisposed – Kokaiinum [2001] 2 – Charon – Tearstained 3 – Grope – Intercooler [1999] 4 – Proboscis – Stalemate [1997] 5 – P.O.V. Secondhand – Fraction Of Faith 6 – Konkhra – Weed Out The Weak 7 – Infernal Torment – Man’s True Nature [1997] 8 – Barcode – Hardcore [2002] […]


SOURCE – Aftermath is the new album – how do you balance the band’s desire to come up with fresh material in a creative manner while also keeping in mind the expectations that the long-term fans of Aphyxion have? Michael Vahl (Vocals) – Well, it’s quite simple actually. We can only make music, as long […]


SOURCE – First of all, I’d like to congratulate you on the new Eilera album Face your Demons. And I’d like to know, what was the general theme of the new album and your favourite moments on it? Eilera (Vocals) – Thank you. My previous records were written either in France, or one foot in […]


SOURCE – Em maio de 2017, o primeiro disco Campo de Extermínio irá completar trinta anos de lançado. Atualmente como você avalia esse trabalho, considerando as circunstancias que ele foi produzido? Valério Exterminator (Guitar) – Fizemos o nosso melhor. As circunstâncias não permitiriam um registro de melhor qualidade. Tínhamos um limite de tempo (períodos de […]


SOURCE – Please tell the readers about the origins of Devation – Did you know right from the start the type of direction you wanted the band to go in? Richard Wiberg (Guitar) – Devation started out as a fun project between Joakim and I at around 2009. Coming from Gothenburg and being in love […]


SOURCE – What was your experience like playing in the Brazil for the first time in 1986 with Venom? John Ricci (Guitars) – Actually in 1986 I was not in Exciter, unfortunately I left the band in August 1985, a decision I still regret today. I was out of Exciter from 1985-90 until Dan Beehler […]