Greatest Amon Amarth Albums

10. Sorrow Throughout The Nine Worlds (2000) 9. The Crusher (2001) 8. The Avenger (1999) 7. Surtur Rising (2011) 6. Jomsviking (2016) 5. Twilight of the Thunder God (2008) 4. Deceiver of the Gods (2013) 3. Fate of Norns (2004) 2. With Oden on Our Side (2006) 1. Versus the World (2002)

God Dethroned

SOURCE – What prompted the return of God Dethroned and how did the band members get back together? Henri Sattler (Vocal, Guitar) – During our 3 year break I was attending the funeral of our former European label boss of Metal Blade Records. There I met a lot of fellow musicians and I realised how […]

The 10 best Immortal songs sung by Abbath

10. Wrath From Above [Damned in Black, 2000] 9. Demonium [Sons of Northern Darkness, 2002] 8. Hordes To War [All Shall Fall, 2009] 7. The Rise Of Darkness [All Shall Fall, 2009] 6. Sons of Northern Darkness [Sons of Northern Darkness, 2002] 5. The Darkness That Embrace Me [Damned in Black, 2000] 4. Beyond the […]


SOURCE – Eu sempre recebo material promocional de bandas brasileiras vindo do Exterior e a maioria delas realmente não chega a ser tão impressionantes como In Chaos We Trust. Parabéns pelo lançamento do álbum! O que você poderia nos falar sobre o álbum? Alexandre Castellan (Vocals, Guitar) – Muito Obrigado! Fico muito feliz pelos elogios! ‘In […]

The Top New Bands You Should Listen to Right Now – May 2017

Grand Delusion – Supreme Machine Location: Umeå, Sweden Supreme Machine by Grand Delusion Fange – Pourrissoir Location: Rennes, France Pourrissoir by FANGE Sublevel – Borders Location: Duisburg, Germany borders EP by SUBLEVEL Blaine Rohmer – Promise of Autumn Location: Minsk, Belarus Promise of Autumn by Blaine Rohmer Altering The Future – Change Location: UK Change […]