SOURCE – What makes Amain Crimfall’s best album to date? Jakke Viitala (Guitar) – Everything is bigger and better this time. The songs, the sound, the band. Everything! We spent lot of time and resources to finish this massive production… And It really shines this time. SOURCE – Have you filmed any videos for this […]


SOURCE – Eu tomei um susto quando o Bandcamp mandou o link de vocês para analise. Nome de banda em sueco, letras e vocais em português e uns riffs que lembram os grandes nomes do metal sueco dos anos oitenta. Como você apresentaria a banda? Fabricio Karlsson (Vocals) – A banda basicamente é formada por pessoas […]

Burning Witches

SOURCE – The debut album has been released for a few weeks now, how do you feel it has been received? Romana (Guitars) – We are very happy. We have sold many CDs and a lot of merchandise items! The reactions were much better than we expected. We are thrilled! SOURCE – What types of […]