36 Crazyfists

SOURCE – First of all congrats on the early response to the new album Lanterns. It’s getting great word of mouth. Did you had a specific idea in mind of what you wanted for this album before entering the studio and how close did you come to that original vision?

Brock Lindow (Vocals) – I don’t think I ever have a specific sound that is in my head before we start creating. It’s just one of those visceral things that reveals itself once we start jammin the ideas. I had my content lyrically and how I wanted the album art to look in my head but as far as the overall sound of Lanterns, it became what it is as they all do as time rolled on.

SOURCE – Lanterns is your 8th full-length album now and is absolutely fantastic. Many people are saying it’s your best release to date. Would you agree with that?

Brock Lindow (Vocals) – Well first I would say thank you and It feels good to hear those kind of things as we continue to hopefully get better at our craft on each record. The slow and steady grind is still what our band is about and I think we have done ourselves proud on this one.

SOURCE – Do you have a musical vision that you haven’t been able to realise for technical or financial reasons – or an idea of what music itself could be beyond its current form?

Brock Lindow (Vocals) – I like what music does for the listener, myself I hear things that make me wanna make love or break shit, I gravitate towards those things. That’s the kind of effect I like to see through the sounds of our band also. More money or bigger budgets really don’t have anything to do raw emotion and that’s the kinda music I like. When I can no longer feel that kinda vibe then I believe it’ll be time to hang’em up.

SOURCE – Now that you have a new album to play material from, how much of your set list is going to be classic stuff, and how much will be new songs?

Brock Lindow (Vocals) – We try to keep a balance of all of it but we are trying to allow our new jams to be heard , so we will have Lanterns in the forefront.

SOURCE – How do you feel about the music scene at the moment as compared to how it was when you first started as a band? What’s some of the biggest changes you’ve seen since you’ve started in how music has evolved and is presented to listeners?

Brock Lindow (Vocals) – I like to tour with my band and my buddies in other bands, the scene itself, not a clue and not interested in it at all. I care about the people that support our band in any form and I try to make that connection each night to let them know how grateful we are they are still with us. The differences since we started is fairly blatant, the physical sales are non existent and the merchandise side of the band is extremely important to surviving as a touring band.

SOURCE – Do you see the sort of negative impact that culture of immediacy has specifically had on the music industry? Has the artform itself been affected from your point of view?

Brock Lindow (Vocals) – Well I’m not sure what other gig you can have where you can work on something, pour your entire soul into and then have it put up on the intergalactics for free before it’s even available for purchase. So in that fact absolutely it’s been affected by technology and the art form has certainly taken a hit in the physical sense.

SOURCE – Are you currently working on any other projects?

Brock Lindow (Vocals) – Just got off the fishing boat and now in the van rockin nightly. Happy to be focused on the 36 Project.

SOURCE – Anything you want to add about what’s coming up for 36 Crazyfists that we should be looking for?

Brock Lindow (Vocals) – Album comes out Sept 29th. Thanks to everyone for supporting us over the years and come see us on the road.

36 Crazyfists