SOURCE – What should the fans expect of this new album “Circle” and how would you describe it to the fans that have not listened to it yet?

Jan Rachberger (Drums) – It’s heavier, more guitar driven, sounds huge, and is tighter package as a whole in general comparing to the previous one, as it shorter with nine songs altogether.

Musically, it has both sides, the heavier, and more moody songs that has been our trademark pretty much all these years. I think that we managed to put out tighter compositions and arrangements alongside the performance this time.

SOURCE – What inspired the album title?

Jan Rachberger (Drums) – "Circle" represents integrity. Back in the days, when there was something special to talk about, wise men used to sit in circle. Not everyone was invited to join them. But in this story, the protagonist was invited among the wise men’s circle.

SOURCE – You worked with Peter Tägtgren. What is it about his style that works so well with you guys?

Jan Rachberger (Drums) – We have known Peter from the early years of the band already.

We have been touring together, and everytime we’ve met on the road, we have been talking about working together, and it finally happened.

We were looking for different sound, maybe more intense working methods and environment this time, so Peter was an obvious choice for us, cause we wanted this album to have heavier and more modern sound.

He had really good points what comes to the sounds, and arrangements and the production in general, so i think he was the right choice for us this time.

SOURCE – Amorphis is definitely taking their unique style further with each release. Could you make a prediction as to where will your sound be at, five or ten years from now?

Jan Rachberger (Drums) – Well, we try our best every time. We are constantly trying to evolve and keep new ideas coming, so i think that will be our recipe for the future releases as well, so from, let’s say five years from now we will have even more heavier and inspiring sound… And maybe ten years from now we are playing adult oriented rock.

SOURCE – What are your thoughts about social media and how it’s affecting the music business?

Jan Rachberger (Drums) – I think medias like Facebook for example is purely positive for bands and music business. Pretty much everybody is using it, and you will find all the updates and everything there is to know basically about one particular band/artist. It also cuts down marketing budgets and things like that in huge volumes.

So I don’t really see nothing wrong there.
Of course when Spotify came around, less and less people are buying albums anymore, so of obviously it is affecting music business in a negative way.

SOURCE – What kind of music do you listen to except for metal? Would you like to name us a few bands?

Jan Rachberger (Drums) – I listen to all kinds of music from classical to world music, from rock to electronic and everything in between. Lately I’ve been listening some world music bands like Headningarna, lots of electronic stuff like Amon Tobin and Square Pusher, metal music like Mastodon, new Soilwork and all the classics I used to dig over the years like Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull and so on….

SOURCE – Tell me how hard is it to be in a band and trying to make a living?

Jan Rachberger (Drums) – Well, it depends. When there is new album out, and there’s lots of touring happening, usually then everything is fine. Meantime, when we are composing new stuff and rarely playing live, then it can get bit harder as nobody is paying for your rehearsal time.

But let’s say it used to be a lot harder in the past.

SOURCE – Let me ask you something different. World financial crisis is hurting people during the last years. How does it affect the music industry and is there a reason for the rise of illegal downloading in your opinion?

Jan Rachberger (Drums) – Well, of course it is affecting everything. The less people have money, the less they can consume. And if all your hard works money is barely enough for making a living, then you obviously have to cut on consuming on entertainment such as music, shows, movies etc… so obviously it is causing illegal downloading, as people want to listen to music, but don’t have the money for it. It just seems it is the way it is nowadays…

SOURCE – Do you have any plans of a South America and Brazil tour?

Jan Rachberger (Drums) – Yes, we have plans, but as it’s not confirmed I cannot give you any dates unfortunately, but we are trying hard to make it happen next autumn.

SOURCE – Any closing words at all?

Jan Rachberger (Drums) – Get "Circle" as soon as you can, and I hope you’ll like it.  Buy albums, go to shows, and support bands. And keep it real!

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