Fates Warning

SOURCE – Where do you think Theories Of Flight stands in terms of your past releases? Ray Alder (Vocals) – I think it’s a bit more straight forward than some of our other albums. Of course it has a couple of 10 minute songs, which is very like us but it also some very melodic […]


SOURCE – III Part 2 signalled the stronger re-emphasis on electronics with this album. What inspired heading down this route again? Timo Kaukolampi (vocals, synths & misc.) – K-X-P is live electric hybrid. We usually never have guitars on records. This is maybe one of the reasons. Guitar sounding things are usually bass by Tuomo […]

Rotting Christ

SOURCE – Even though the band has been at this for years, was there a song on Rituals that stands out as one of the most challenging to write or complete? Is there a song where the end result was totally worth the time and energy expended on it? Sakis Tolis (Vocals/Guitar) – I do not […]


SOURCE – Considerando que o segundo álbum Agony foi gravado no renomado The Foundation studio em Ashland – Oregon, como você avalia a produção do primeiro álbum Victim Of Yourself lançado em 2014? Prika Amaral (guitars) – Foi bem diferente, não só em relação ao lugar em que gravamos, mas como a experiencia individual de […]


SOURCE – Tell us a bit about the new record Death Thy Lover. How could you describe the new material? What are the main differences from your previous works? Do you already have any favorite tracks? Mats Levén (Vocal) – The title track is a bit more modern I guess, the other three more old […]


SOURCE – What should the fans expect of this new album Grey Sky Over Black Town and how would you describe it to the fans that have not listened to it yet? Jakob Batten Hansen (Guitar) – A death metal album packed with brutality, groove and heaviness. Fast songs, slow songs, mid-tempo songs. It has […]


SOURCE – After having been together for such a long time, does that make it harder or easier to come up with new material? Rami Jämsä (Guitar/Vocals) – It’s true that we have been together for a long time. Everybody knows we had 18 years hiatus, but after all Convulse has been active all together […]


SOURCE – After a series of albums in the 2000s, you completely dropped out of sight for about ten years. Were you still involved in music in any way? Klas Bohlin (Vocals) – After the farewell concert In 2006, everyone thought that this was the ending for Beseech. Myself along with several other ex-members were […]


SOURCE – Primeiramente, parabéns pelo relançamento do Serpent Temptation. Como foram as negociações para este importante relançamento? Moyses M. Howard (Drums) – Obrigado! Foram excelentes, a gravadora Relapse tem um staff super profissional, adoramos a Relapse Records! SOURCE – O Opprobrium tem estado bastante ausente na cena. O que falta ao Opprobrium para o lançamento de […]


SOURCE – Primeiramente parabéns pelo material promocional atual da banda. O Sinistro parece ser uma banda pequena, mas muito profissional e organizada. Achei bastante interessante as seções de fotos. Quem foi o fotográfo? R (Guitar) – As fotos foram cortesia de dois talentosos artistas Portugueses, a Joana Linda e o Pedro Almeida. SOURCE – Conhecendo […]

Demon Incarnate

SOURCE – Could you please introduce us Demon Incarnate, by means of the members, the background and history of the formation of the band? Jan (guitars) – Oh yes sure but first of all we woul like to thank you for your interest in us. So Demon Incarnated was founded in 2010. We are a […]


SOURCE – Sindrome was formed in 1986. How did you meet each other? At those days, was it difficult to find proper musicians with the skill and the right vision for the music you wanted to play? Troy Dixler (Vocals) – Shaun Glass (Bass) and I grew up together. He was in Terminal Death and […]


SOURCE – The new record In Sequence sounds amazing and it’s out there! How do you feel about it? What has the feedback been so far? Ben Varon (Guitars) – Thank you! The first reviews we’ve seen have all been really good, even excellent. The fans seem to enjoy it as well, so it’s looking good […]


SOURCE – With your twelfth and one of your best albums [An Epiphany of Hate] in my opinion, what keeps you guys at that edge after all these years? As cliché as it is, it’s hard not to be comparative against the notion that these things have an expiration date. Paul Speckman (Vocals, bass) – […]


SOURCE – A War Against You came out in January, it was really well received by fans and critics alike. In hindsight is there anything about the album you would have changed? Brett Rasmussen (Bass) – Probably only the fact that it took so long. It would have been cool to release this album a […]


SOURCE – Winter Thrice is described as almost the music culmination of Borknagar’s musical evolution and growth over the years. Can you explain this please? Øystein G. Brun (Guitar) – This being our 10th album and since we have been around for 20 years, we wanted to do something special with this album. So one […]

Mass Hysteria

SOURCE – Over the years, has your songwriting process remained pretty consistent or does it change from album to album? Moustapha Mouss Kelai (Vocals) – No, it doesn’t change from album to album. Yann, the lead guitarist, brings a lot of riffs then all the band works together to create a song. Once the song […]

Hills Have Eyes

SOURCE – Antebellum é o terceiro álbum da banda com mais de dez anos de fundação. O que esse novo álbum representa para a banda? Luis Silva (Bass) – Antebellum representa uma nova fase na vida de Hills Have Eyes e para nós é claramente o trabalho mais importante da banda até á data, não só […]


SOURCE – O Rot é uma das banda mais antigas do cenário extremo em atividade. Você poderia mencionar algo sobre a banda como discografia, tours e formação atual? Mendigo (Guitar) – Por este estar hospedado em uma Web, vou deixar aqui nosso site: http://www.rot-official.com Nele está toda a história de forma resumida e clara com […]


SOURCE – Speaking of those beginnings, I’m curious as to where that was specifically for you in your youth – where you sort of had that moment of clarity that set you on the path to where you are now? Johan Ericson (Guitar) – No, not really. When I was younger me and some friends […]

One Machine

SOURCE – You used an Indiegogo.com campaign to fund the recording of The Final Cull. Looking back, what are thoughts on the crowdfunding experience? Do you think would do it again? Steve Smyth (Guitar) – We did, and even though we didn’t hit the target we were after, we still feel this was a great […]


SOURCE – What should the fans expect of this new album Chaotic Nation and how would you describe it to the fans that have not listened to it yet? Aksu Hanttu (Drums) – It is definitely our most diverse album. There is a lot of nuances. There is rocking stuff, metal stuff, electric stuff, quite […]

Leaves Eyes

SOURCE – I wanted to start things off by asking about the new album King of Kings you have out. What were the actual changes that you tried to bring forth on this record? Liv Kristine Espenæs Krull (Vocal) – It was clear to us from the very beginning that this album would be our […]


SOURCE – What’s been happening with the band between the release of Iconoclastic and now? Samuli Peltola (Guitar) – Lot’s of things. We did the longest European tour that any Finnish band has done (with Children of Bodom) when Iconoclastic came out in late 2013. That tour cost us our former lead-singer and probably a […]