Cold Night For Alligators

SOURCE – The band has been around for over eight years at this point. How do you feel you’ve changed over time?

Kristoffer Winther Jessen (guitar) – It has been quite a journey with a few obstacles and replacements in the band. Sometimes it has been hard  and difficult but today we have ended up as a great group where we work fantastic with each other.

SOURCE – Course Of Events is the latest release. Please give us some insight into the songwriting and recording process for this effort – were there anyparticular challenges or obstacles that had to be overcome, and how do you feel this stacks up against your discography?

Kristoffer Winther Jessen (guitar) – This was our debut album so we have had many years to write this. One obvious obstacle in this situation was to make the all the songs to fit in the same “universe”. We had to rewrite some parts to do this but we think it ended up quite good.

Another problematic was that we had actually written pretty much the entire music when our singer Johan joined the band. From then he could write his vocals on top of the existing music without the possibilities to change larger parts. Now we are writing material for our second album and it is very interesting to be able to write guitar melodies etc. “around” the vocals instead of only putting vocals on top of existing music.

SOURCE – So do you feel with this album, you’ve tapped into more of the approach or sound that you were looking to do – something that’s more your own?

Kristoffer Winther Jessen (guitar) – We have spend several years to define what our sound should be like with a mix of heavy grooves, melodic parts and clean, jazzy parts as well. We love the overall atmosphere on Course of Events but the sound will keep evolving. On the new material we are trying to introduce even more parts to our sound – but the main elements in our current sound will still be present.

SOURCE – You shot a promotional video for the Calculated Accident – can you give us details regarding this performance shoot, as well as how you feel the video medium works in the social media/ internet age in terms of band promotion?

Kristoffer Winther Jessen (guitar) – This video is a mix from our tour in Denmark in 2016 when we celebrated the release of Course of Events with different shows in our home country. We had an amazing time touring with our great friends in Ghost Iris, having a few parties on the venues as well as on different gas stations where we coincidentally meet each other after multiple of the concerts. Maybe these scenes should have been in the video but we ended up only using the live footage.

SOURCE – How do you feel about the digital revolution of music consumption with file sharing, streaming through specific platform sites, and social media as a whole? Do you prefer owning physical media like CD’s and vinyl versus having thousands of MP3’s in your listening device or computer?

Kristoffer Winther Jessen (guitar) – The digital revolution is crazy and brings a lot of opportunities. It is much easier to share your music with people all over the world today and let people discover your band. Actually the first time we went to UK, we got a message on Facebook from the band Broken Torment who wanted us to come over for a small tour. This would not have happened without the digital platform that we have today.

That being said, we are still fans of owning physical copies of our favourite music. An album is some kind of art with amazing cover images and interesting booklets.

SOURCE – How do your families feel about your musical endeavors?

Kristoffer Winther Jessen (guitar) – We all have a great passion for playing in CNFA and it of course takes a lot of time. It can be a bit stressful often being away from home when we are playing a lot of shows, especially for the guys with kid, but our families know how we feel about our project and it has never been a problem – we always get a lot of support from back home.

SOURCE – All the best for the upcoming days! Thanks for speaking with us.

Kristoffer Winther Jessen (guitar) – Thank you so much for your interest in talking to us. We hope you like our debut album Course of Events and of course want to hear our coming material as well.


Cold Night For Alligators