Deathless Legacy

SOURCE – 2017. Between Rituals Of Black Magic and its various accolades along with the touring behind it, would you say this has been Deathless Legacy’s best year?

Eleonora Steva Vaiana (Vocals) – Definitely yes. We feel more alive than ever – and that sounds pretty weird, I know. We can’t wait to tour, we’d love to export our horror show outside Italy, and we really wish it will be possible in this new-born 2018.

SOURCE – What’s the game plan for Deathless Legacy over the next six to twelve months? Will there be more videos from Rituals Of Black Magic – and has work already begun on the follow-up effort?

Eleonora Steva Vaiana (Vocals) – Who knows. Deathless Legacy’s battlefield is full of unforeseeable events. We have to say that reviews and comments from all over the world seem to be pretty awesome. “Rituals of Black Magic” is collecting awesome notes, we are so thrilled to present it on the upcoming tour. For the next six to twelve months we are planning to tour as much as possible in Italy, Europe, and who knows. Maybe overseas as well.

SOURCE – What’s the driving force behind this band – and what qualities do you believe separate this work from what’s been done and accomplished in the past?

Eleonora Steva Vaiana (Vocals) – We have grown so much in the last year. First of all, we played so much in North and South Italy, having the opportunity to meet awesome clubs, people, and other bands. The driving force of this band is the pounding, putrid passion that moves us all. Someone could call us dreamers, but we really believe in what we are doing. C’mon, spreading the word of Satan is such a great thing!

SOURCE – What is the philosophy or attitude for Deathless Legacy on stage versus in the studio? What do you hope the audience is able to capture through your live performances?

Eleonora Steva Vaiana (Vocals) – The peculiarity of our live session is the mix of theatrical and musical stuff. We hope – and, from the feedback, we know – that people enjoy this embrace between two worlds that are so close, but that for most you have to find separate. We tell a story and we show them. That’s our keystone. We work hard to do the best we can both on stage and in the studio. And we hope our audience is pleased enough since they are one of the main reason for we keep on working that hard. We own them for the love they show us.

SOURCE – Where do you see the major differences in advancing the efforts and popularity of the band today versus much of the work of previous bands say ten or twenty years ago?

Eleonora Steva Vaiana (Vocals) – Today things could be a lot easier than in the previous ten or twenty years. We started to play in 2006 and we saw the big difference. In those years there was only MySpace to promote yourself – at least in Italy. I just could imagine how difficult it was in the previous years for the emerging bands. But I kinda envy them as well. People didn’t look at likes and stuff like that, the audience was educated to go outside and watch a random band. It is something that in Italy is slowly disappearing, and that’s bad.

SOURCE – Where would you like to see Deathless Legacy develop over the next one to two years? How does the band balance out the regular job versus musician lifestyle – as well as maintaining family/friend/significant other relationships?

Eleonora Steva Vaiana (Vocals) – To be honest with you, we wish to be on tour, from now on, and to spend our lives just doing what we love: playing and being the monsters we are. For now, things are pretty easy. We are managing everything nicely, and our families and significant other support us every day. It’s hard to do a normal job after a stunning – even short – period of time playing and doing what we love the most. But it is also the best way possible to pour out all those emotions that have turned some guys into serial killers and real monsters. Frustration leads to devastation. To play makes the bad voices quiet.

SOURCE – What types of hobbies or passions do the members of Deathless Legacy like to engage in when they have the free time to do so?

Eleonora Steva Vaiana (Vocals) – We are all bookworms, art-addicted, cats-addicted. We love theatre, we are binge-watchers, we love to study and to keep on learning new stuff. Someone of us is a sculptor and a crazy artist (hint: Frater Orion with his “Orion Oddities” project). But the main hobby we have is definitely music.

SOURCE – Do you have any parting messages for our readers?

Eleonora Steva Vaiana (Vocals) – Muito obrigada pela suas perguntas. Esperamos por nos verem no Brasil. Até logo.

Deathless Legacy