Demon Incarnate

SOURCE – Could you please introduce us Demon Incarnate, by means of the members, the background and history of the formation of the band?

Jan (guitars) – Oh yes sure but first of all we woul like to thank you for your interest in us. So Demon Incarnated was founded in 2010. We are a German-French-American Group and we play riff oriented and organic rock. We are a four piece band with Lisa on vocals, Jan on guitar, Phil on Bass and Ebbi on Drums.

SOURCE – You got a fantastic album. Which was the most interesting part of the composition process?

Jan (guitars) – Oh thanks a lot for the compliment. All in all it felt very easy, without stress and pressure. Maybe its because of, we all know each other for so many years and we like to spend time togheter. It was very interesting growing to real unit.

SOURCE – Do you care about your sound as a part of a genre, or you just compose and leave it as it is?

Jan (guitars) – Sure, we care about our sound! But there’s no demand that it has to sound in a specific way. We are, who we are! We try to do our own thing and in comparsion to other bands of this genre, I think we sound a little more metallic, with a slight oriental touch.

SOURCE – Can you get us through the lyrics of the album? What are the main topics you deal with in the songs?

Jan (guitars) – Our topics reflect everyday life and the difficulties we all have to overcome. We like to paint broad strokes and leave much for personal interpretation.

SOURCE – Demon Incarnate is out for almost more than a year now. How do you review it now, from a distance?

Jan (guitars) – We are still very proud of this record. But sure in the end, there are always some details wich we could have done better. But all in all it is a showcase of our live set from that time.

SOURCE – Would you change something?

Jan (guitars) – No, not really. I think it shows the band we were at this time and thats absolutley ok.

SOURCE – After Demon Incarnate CD, what is the next step for Demon Incarnate?

Jan (guitars) – Oh, there’s no big master plan! Just writing more songs, doing more records. It would be great to play more live and to extend the attention.

SOURCE – Are there any ideas about the next album?

Jan (guitars) – Yes, we just finished recordings for a new 5 Track EP. It will be released through FDA Rekotz around summer early fall this year.

SOURCE – How satisfied are you so far with the promotion and support from you record label?

Jan (guitars) – Oh we are very satisfied. FDA is doing a really great job and the album is doing great! So we are very grateful to be a part of the FDA family.

SOURCE – From the publicity/marketing point of view, it’s definitely an advantage for a band to be female fronted but have you ever felt any setback of it?

Jan (guitars) – That’s right, but that wasn’t the point when we hired Lisa. We know her for a really long time and when we were looking for a singer, she was our first and a logical choice. There was no big plan to hire specifically a female voice. Just from the start her voice was fitting perfect to the songs. Even female singers are currently very trendy ,we don’ see it as setback.

SOURCE – Demon Incarnate’s music combines different elements, but which bands you would name as the dominant influences and that perhaps come to someone’s mind while listening to your music?

Jan (guitars) – I think first of all Black Sabbath of course. But I think there are a lot of Doom-, Stoner- and 70’s Rockbands that inspired our sound. Bands like The Obsessed, Spirt Caravan or Mezarkabul for example.

SOURCE – Living in Germany, which has a very large metal scene, which bands out here do you think will make an impression in heavy metal?

Jan (guitars) – There are a lot of great underground bands in Germany that would definetly deserve more attention. Currently, I would like to recommend to keep an eye on our labelmates Omega Soul. Another great band is Rage of Samedi, we often share stages. But there are bigger bands like Kadavar and Wucan, who make a lot of impression.

SOURCE – Thank you for your time, hope to see you live in Brazil someday.

Jan (guitars) – Thanks a lot! It would be a pleasure for us to play in Brazil someday!


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