For I Am King

SOURCE – How are you fitting into the band right now?

Jaap (Drums) – At the moment I’m playing drums and doing most of the graphic design for the band.

Alma (Vocals) – I am the vocalist and awkward dancer in For I Am King.

SOURCE – Your last album Daemons has been out for a while now. The reaction to the album has been almost universally fantastic from the fans and the press, have you been pleased with the way it’s been received?

Alma (Vocals) – We couldn’t wish for a better response to our debut release. The goals we set when we started writing were high. We tried to achieve a more mature version of our first release, our EP “Revengeance”, without changing our sound.

Most important for us is writing the music we love and makes For I Am King the band that it is right now. Looking and listening back to the songs we still love what we wrote, there is always room for improvements and the second record will for sure be different but still. With everything you do you learn something new and that is a beautiful thing.

SOURCE – What sort of lyrics are sported on Daemons?

Alma (Vocals) – With our lyrics, we wanted to do something different. Since we are fans of ancient tales and myths, it felt natural to write about those beautiful yet crazy and most of the time haunting tales.Besides that it fitted the music very well, we wrote the lyrics in a way that everyone could relate to them in his or her own way. In every song there is a deeper layer than “just” the tale/lyric itself. Thats also how we wrote the lyrics for “Revengeance”.

SOURCE – Did you approach Daemons differently from Revengeance?

Jaap (Drums) – When writing “Revengeance” we knew we wanted to do something else than we did before in our previous bands. It’s important to know every member has his own roots in a different type of metal/deathmetal/metalcore/hardcore. We wanted to combine and catch all those different sounds and mold it into something we loved.

With “Deamons” we did the same but we wanted to take our band to the next step. We became more aware of song writing, song structure, etc. and with Jasper joining For I Am King we definitely leveled it up.

SOURCE – Are there plans for a traditional video for that song or any others on the album?

Alma (Vocals) – Right now our focus is writing new material and playing shows, no music video plans at the moment. We do release allot of small/short ‘live’ video’s lately through our instagram and Facebook account!

SOURCE – Given the actual saturation of the metal/hardcore scene, what do you think makes you stand as an act people would want to listen to and see live?

Alma (Vocals) – I think after hearing a band on a record you always ask yourself “how will it be live”, and FIAK is definitely a band that you should see on stage. We often hear that we play with lots of energy. And that’s true I guess. We enjoy what we are doing, there is no though “guy” attitude, we do what we love and we do it with a smile every single time.

SOURCE – How was For I Am King in the past and now, are you searching for new kind of streams?

Jaap (Drums) – I don’t think so. We are not aiming for radical changes in the sound and image of FIAK. We try to improve as a band and to take our music to the next level, every time we do it!

Alma (Vocals) – No Jaap is lying, expect some “Spice Girls/Backstreet Boys” on our next album.

SOURCE – After all these questions I thanked the band for taking the time to participate in the interview and asked if they wanted to leave any final words.

Alma (Vocals) – Thank you so much for the interview, we hope to see you at one of our shows and remember… STAY METAL! \m/ \m/


For I Am King