God Dethroned

SOURCE – What prompted the return of God Dethroned and how did the band members get back together?

Henri Sattler (Vocal, Guitar) – During our 3 year break I was attending the funeral of our former European label boss of Metal Blade Records.

There I met a lot of fellow musicians and I realised how much I had missed everything. Then it became clear to me that I had to go play in my band.

SOURCE – What should the fans expect of this new album The World Ablaze and how would you describe it to the fans that have not listened to it yet?

Henri Sattler (Vocal, Guitar) – If you’re a fan of God Dethroned already then you know what to expect without knowing what it will sound like exactly.

When you’re not familiar with us yet then you will find an album that’s very diverse and dynamic and shows you Death Metal with all ingredients from ultra heavy parts to fast and brutal stuff. But all songs have great melodies and hooks and lots of stuff you can bang your head to.

SOURCE – Are you perhaps preparing some new video for the promotion of The World Ablaze, can you tell us something about it?

Henri Sattler (Vocal, Guitar) – Meanwhile we have released 3 new videos for the new album. For the songs “On the Wrong Side of the Wire”, “The World Ablaze” and “Annihilation Crusade”. It’s a nice cross section of the album and you know what to expect from us. They’re all online now.

SOURCE – Nowadays it’s common for long time bands change their sound after some time. What do you see in Death Metal that, even after so many years, you haven’t got bored with it?

Henri Sattler (Vocal, Guitar) – Because I write my own songs, so I can determine what I play and how I want my music to sound. I can keep it interesting. If I cannot keep it interesting for myself anymore then I cannot write a good album. But according to most of the reviews we did a very good album, so I’m definitely not bored with Death Metal!

SOURCE – You’ve been around in the metal world and the music business for a long time. Tell us what your vibe is on the metal scene today as opposed to earlier God Dethroned days?

Henri Sattler (Vocal, Guitar) – There’s just a lot of bands everywhere now. In the old days it was special to find out about bands, because you couldn’t listen to them on the internet. You had to write letters and do tape-trading. Nowadays you can find all bands on the internet, but there’s so many of them that it becomes very hard to know them all. Everybody is fighting for a little bit of recognition and that’s hard of course.

SOURCE – Have you experienced any differences in how the foreign press treats you and the band compared to how native press and media treats and writes about you?

Henri Sattler (Vocal, Guitar) – We can be lucky because most magazines and stuff treat us with a lot of respect.

SOURCE – Now that you have a new album to play material from, how much of your set list is going to be classic stuff, and how much will be new songs?

Henri Sattler (Vocal, Guitar) – We will play 4 new songs during our album release shows. It’s the 3 songs for which we have made the videos and 1 other song as well. I think that’s enough to start with. Then we will play another 10 songs from our greatest hits set. It will be very entertaining I can guerantee you that.

SOURCE – Anything else you’d like to mention or promote?

Henri Sattler (Vocal, Guitar) – Thanx for the interview! And everybody check out “The World Ablaze” !

God Dethroned