SOURCE – With the success and rave reviews of the last release, does that increase your expectations for this album With The Lost Souls On Our Side?

Jakob Batten (Guitar) – No, not really. We don’t believe in reviews, we care about what our fans think and how we feel about the album ourselves. A review is often written after listening to the album one time. What good is that for? Most albums grow after listening to them some times.

SOURCE – You worked with producer Tue Madsen again. What about his style works so well with the band?

Jakob Batten (Guitar) – With Tue we don’t need to argue about this and that to get the sound we want. The first test mix he does is always extremely close to the final result. I think he understands us. And that saves a lot of time and unnecessary discussions.

SOURCE – Is it ever hard to keep up the energy and creativity after so many years?

Jakob Batten (Guitar) – Sometimes it can be hard. We all have regular jobs and families to take care of too, you know. But a good thing is that our families are supporting what we do.

SOURCE – As a band you have undergone a couple of line-up changes recently: how this affected the writing and recording of your latest release With The Lost Souls On Our Side?

Jakob Batten (Guitar) – It didn’t affect the album much, because I still wrote most of the music and Bo still wrote all the lyrics. So all in all it didn’t affect the outcome. The new guys are fitting perfectly into the style we’re playing.

SOURCE – Which aspect of your albums are you most proud of?

Jakob Batten (Guitar) – I’m most proud of our 1-800 Vindication album. I was listening to it the other day because it was re-released on vinyl. It’s a really solid album, and though we were experimenting with synthesizers, it doesn’t disturb the sound I think. It’s really good songs. The Prestige is really good too. And Sense The Darkness and the new one.

SOURCE – Social media like Facebook and Twitter has been a great tool in communicating with fans and getting the word out. But has that translated into anything tangible for the band, like increased sales, higher concert attendance etc?

Jakob Batten (Guitar) – No, I don’t think it has. And you have to be really careful not to make yourself dependent of the social media. Because in the end they are just there to make a profit for some rich guys. We’re not hunting likes, because what does it matter? Suddenly it’s over, and something new shows up. And then you have to start all over again.

SOURCE – What is it like in the day of a life of a Illdisposed member?

Jakob Batten (Guitar) – It isn’t different from anybody else’s life. We go to work, cook dinner, watch a movie, go to sleep. It’s only when we’re together as a band our lives are different from other’s. Then we spend 15 hours in a car or a bus, just to be one hour on stage.

SOURCE – Living in Denmark, which has a very large metal scene, which bands out here do you think will make an impression in heavy metal?

Jakob Batten (Guitar) – I don’t know, I think we’re living in the shadows of the Swedish bands. It’s probably our own fault. The Danish bands are not doing enough. They’re lazy. You just need to play in 3 cities to have been touring all over Denmark.

SOURCE – What can we expect from Illdisposed in the near future, any touring plans?

Jakob Batten (Guitar) – We’re planning a European tour in November 2014. That is all I know at the moment.

SOURCE – Any other news you’d like to share with our readers?

Jakob Batten (Guitar) – It was great following the World Championship in your country. Better luck next time. Thanks!