SOURCE – Can you introduce us to your band members and tell us whether we should know them from other bands or projects. Do they have other activities at this moment in time?

Mads Aksglæde (Guitars) – Most of us have played in other bands from time to another in bigger or smaller settings. Jimmie and Mads played together in a project called CTRL before KforKill. Jimmie also used to play with Iron Fire and did stand-in jobs for Killing Ghandi in December 2016.

Nikolaj played guitar in local Copenhagen outfit Our Sin before joining KforKill. Filip actually used to be the bass player of a band called Stickswitch.

SOURCE – What should the fans expect of this new album The World is Broken and how would you describe it to the fans that have not listened to it yet?

Mads Aksglæde (Guitars) – Brutal, absolutely fucking brutal. We were a bit surprised when we received the first mixdown of the entire album, because we never heard our music produced as massive as this before. As stated in a review we got, it was produced by Jacob “everything louder than everything else” Hansen, meaning that the production has balls the size of a male bull on amphetamine. We love it!

SOURCE – Tell me a little about the recording process behind The World is Broken. Where did you record it and how long did it take? What was the atmosphere like in the studio? Did you feel pressured?

Mads Aksglæde (Guitars) – We recorded different parts in different studios. The drums were recorded in Hansen Studios with Jonas Haagensen (guitarist in Aphyxion) doing the engineering. It was three long days, but everything went smoothly – Jimmie is a metronome! We lived in an old house in the middle of nowhere, with nothing to do but watch TV. The name of the Wi-Fi had been changed to “Aborted Wi-Fi” by the band Aborted during one of their recording sessions with Jacob, which worked perfectly with the shady old house looking like something out of an 80’s horror movie!

All strings were recorded in our own rehearsal room in Copenhagen. This was by far the hardest part of the entire process, since we didn’t have time off our day jobs to do it, and had to do it in evenings, weekends etc. Also we spend A LOT of time optimizing riffs and harmonies in both guitar and bass parts, so it actually took the better part of a year to do all the strings.

Jacob likes to have the guitars double tracked in each side, so at any given time on the album there are at least four guitar tracks simultaneously. In parts of the album there might be seven or eight guitars when you count in the harmonies.

The vocals went very smoothly. We did them in three days in Gainhouse Factory in Copenhagen with the talented engineer Jakob Gundel. We were a bit afraid that Filip’s vocals would take too much strain with so much growling and screaming in such short time, but with an unlimited supply of chocolate milk and Caribbean rum it went down easily!

All in all we had some ups and downs during the process. Since this is the first major recording process any of us have ever done, we have definitely learned some valuable lessons for future recordings!

SOURCE – Have you or are there plans to shoot a video for that song or any others on the album?

Mads Aksglæde (Guitars) – We are working on some ideas for videos at the moment, but as with everything else – it costs a hell of a lot of money! Hopefully we’ll do one within the next few months. We’ll see.

SOURCE – The record seems to have a lot of death metal influence as well, which is something that we know has been a bit of an influence on your music for quite some time. What are some bands that we can thank for that influence, and what other acts would you say you’ve been influenced by?

Mads Aksglæde (Guitars) – The thing is that we’ve been “labeled” as death metal, which certainly covers parts of our music, but we try to incorporate a lot of other elements as well. You might hear thrashy riffs, math metal, more prog influenced parts, groovy parts etc. when you listen through the record. If we are to name some bands, they will be spread around the entire sphere of metal. For instance Filip is a sucker for Atmospheric Black Metal like Deafheaven and Solbrud at the moment, Cristian loves Slayer and Van Halen, Jimmie digs Periphery, Nikolaj loves Gojira, and Mads loves up tempo death metal like Decapitated.

It’s the total mix of all the different genres we like that make up KforKill as a total.

SOURCE – How does the band’s awareness and popularity in Europe compare to Denmark?

Mads Aksglæde (Guitars) – We haven’t been able to play a European tour yet, so we are not as well known around the continent as in Denmark. We have however received offers on tours from different sides, as well as reviews from a lot of European countries. The market is definitely there, and we really want to go out and explore it!

SOURCE – What do you guys do when you’re not playing in KforKill? Are there other bands we can catch you in? And besides that, what do you guys enjoy as a side hobby? Any interesting day jobs?

Mads Aksglæde (Guitars) – Some of us might have small side projects at the moment, but nothing major. We’re all focusing on KforKill as the main act. As different as the genres we listen to, we have very different day jobs and interests. Cristian is an acoustic engineer, Jimmie works in the airport, Nikolaj is a media graphic designer, Filip is a podiatrist and Mads is a historian and manages a live venue in Copenhagen.

We all LOVE our metal, so a lot of funds are being spent on concert tickets all the time!

SOURCE – Would you like to say something to our readers? Thank you for the interview!

We’re super excited to have an album out that we are proud of, and we’re really happy about all the awesome reviews we have received so far! Stay trve \m/.