SOURCE – How did the band’s sound evolve on this Imperial CD? Who produced the album Imperial? How involved are you in the mixing process?

Cyd (Vocals) – Hey guys! For the first time with this record, we decided to work on our own. This was really new to us, as we were used to work with the same producer for the first three albums. We managed the creative process all by ourselves, from the writing to the mastering. No third-party were involved at any point.

Vincent and I took care of the producing, recording, mixing and mastering in our own “Ten To One Studio”. It was a difficult but very satisfying experience, and we’re really proud of what came out!

SOURCE – How has the album Imperial been received in your homeland where no doubt some similar bands are competing for attention?

Cyd (Vocals) – Pretty well I guess! France has for sure a wide Metal scene, and we’re always working to match the rising quality in general. But we also know that mass medias don’t really care about Metal in our country. So we have to focus on live shows, Internet, and word to mouth!

SOURCE – You recently filmed a video for the track Resistance. Could you tell us a little bit about the video. Who came up with the idea to it?

Cyd (Vocals) – “Resistance” was (to us) obviously THE single we had to promote for “Imperial”, as it sums up the general vibe of the album, and also really states a new direction for Magoa’s musical style. So we naturally decided that we had to film a video for it.

The staging illustrates the message of the song: the Resistance is on, and it can’t be stopped.

SOURCE – You’ve been around in the rock world and the music business for a long time. Tell us what your vibe is on the metal/hardcore scene today as opposed to earlier Magoa days.

Cyd (Vocals) – Well I don’t know if we’re old enough yet to make an assesment of our “carreer “! What I could say is: it gets harder and harder.

The passion stays the same, and that keeps us going. But it struggles everyday with the realities of this business, especially in France.

SOURCE – What’s the pros and cons with the Internet music wise do you think?

Cyd (Vocals) – I won’t lie, Internet strongly contributed to my personal musical culture. I used to only see the pros, but as time passes, I understand the cons. Knowledge to everyone is of course very positive thing for a society of human beings. But providing a forum to everyone is not.

Becoming an artist takes time, work and money. And those who rise up to this great challenge are now drowned in the masses. And as we know, being “active” on the web generates close to no money at all (at least for a band like ours), while making good records still costs a lot of money…

SOURCE – Have you experienced any differences in how the foreign press treats you and the band compared to how native press and media treats and writes about you?

Cyd (Vocals) – Hum, I’m not sure. Of course we won’t be compared to the same references depending on where the author comes from… Our music obviously reflects the context we live in. But we’re very proud to read so many great articles about us in South America! You guys are a true legion of metalheads!

SOURCE – Living in France, which has a very large metal scene, which bands out here do you think will make an impression in metal/rock?

Cyd (Vocals) – Usually, I’m not really into french music. I have to confess that it hasn’t been a part of my youth. But there’s a french band named TESS that you guys should check out! Their music really speaks to me. But I aknowledge that undertanding the words makes it easier!

SOURCE – Thank you so much for taking time and speaking with us. All the best with the upcoming days!

Cyd (Vocals) – Thank you guys so much, Brazil rocks! Cheers from Paris!