SOURCE – Obituary is the latest Obituary album. How do you keep the creative juices flowing this deep into your career? Is there ever a fear of keeping the standard as high as the previous records?

Terry Butler (Bass) – We love to play music first and foremost. The passion is still there to create. The edition of Ken and myself has helped inject some energy as well. I bring 30 plus years of touring and experience Ken as well so it helps in the creativity process.

SOURCE – Have there been any particular standout moments in Obituary’s career where you knew the band was taking things to another level in terms of personal satisfaction, professionalism, or musicianship?

Terry Butler (Bass) – Being in Obituary is such an honor for me. These are the coolest dudes to be in a band with. I’ve known them for 30 plus years. Its the most professional band I’ve been in. Well since I’ve been in the band we’ve done a lot of amazing things. Going to Japan, the Carcass tour, touring South America, touring Australia to name a few… these are all highlights and on another level for me.

SOURCE – Where do you see the state of heavy metal in the current scene? What are some of the positives you see, and what improvements (if any) need to be made to ensure the vitality and future of the genre?

Terry Butler (Bass) – I think metal is the most popular its ever been. It will always be the bastard style of music but that’s OK with me.

You hear metal music in popular movies and tv shows etc… Well the state of music as far as illegal downloads and pirating music is out of control. So much has changed in the last 15 years with people buying digital copies of the albums. Only diehard fans buy the CDs and albums so the Royalties have changed. Bands have to rely on their merch and touring more. That lends to the fact that to many bands are on the road and kids only have so much money. The scene is clogged up with to many bands. The music is the #1 thing. Make good music and people will listen.

SOURCE – If we were to be honest in assessing the music business, how much emphasis these days is on the music end of things versus the business end – or so you believe things are evening out on both aspects?

Terry Butler (Bass) – Well early on it was about getting your first record out and just being happy with that. Being more mature now its about the business side as well. Record labels have changed with now because of the illegal downloads and digital downloads. They have to approach things differently now. Gone are the days of a big recording budget and tour advances etc. Bands have to be more savvy with their business as well. Obituary are very hands on with our business. We manage ourselves and we are all on the same page. This is a business at the end of the day. So yes you have to balance the 2 carefully.

SOURCE – How do you handle instant technology and social media use – do you take into consideration a lot of the fans perspective when it comes to their thoughts on the band, future set lists etc?

Terry Butler (Bass) – Social media is a great tool for bands to use. What an awesome way to promote your band. You can instantly tell bands about your album tours what the band is up to etc…

The only down fall is the excitement of discovering a new band on your own is gone. Back in the day going to the record store and taking a chance on a record without hearing the music is gone.

Yes we are very active with the fans. Its important to get their feedback on certain things. We constantly blast out things daily on our social sites.

SOURCE – Have you noticed any changes in your fan base over the years?

Terry Butler (Bass) – Ha-ha yes. Everyone at the shows were young back in the ’80s now they have grown and they have kids that are coming to the shows. So the mix is now young and old.

The fan base has grown as death metal has grown as well. I am surprised at how many younger kids come to our shows. The new generation is still coming to the shows. We have endured through the grunge, Black Metal, Nu Metal, Metalcore trends.

SOURCE – Do you have any plans of a South America and Brazil tour?

Terry Butler (Bass) – Yes. We are trying to work out a tour for later in 2017 for South America. Its just all about timing. When the promoters tell us its a good time we will be there. We love South America and Brazil!

SOURCE – Thanks for taking the time to allow me to interview you. Do you have any final words for the people at home?

Terry Butler (Bass) – Thank you for the interview. Hopefully we will be in Brazil soon. Thank you for your continued support! You fans are the greatest!