One Machine

SOURCE – How would you describe The Distortion of Lies and the Overdriven Truth and its sound? Steve Smyth (Guitar) – The title is an overview of the state of humanity in the 21st century. As we are brought closer together by technology, we seem to be further and further apart in every other respect […]

Blood Label

SOURCE – I really enjoy the new album. I can’t seem to stop listening to it. Can you tell us a little bit about the title track Skeletons and what it’s about? Kenneth Klitte (Vocals) – Thanks, man. Well, the title of the song represents secrets from the past that keep you from moving on […]

More Than A Thousand

SOURCE – Primeiramente parabéns pela produção e repertório de Vol. 5 Lost At Home. Como foram as etapas de gravação e produção do álbum? Filipe Survival (Guitarra) – Obrigado. As gravações decorreram em fevereiro de 2012 em Baltimore (Estados Unidos) no Valencia Recordings com o Paul Leavitt, durante um mês. Depois foi mixado e masterizado […]


SOURCE – For those out of the loop, can you bring everyone up to speed on the past few years of Nausea? Eric Castro (Drums) – First of all, Nausea(Los Angeles – CA) has been around since late 1988 out of the ash’s of Majesty, we have released a decent amount of rare demos thru […]


SOURCE – Stam1na will be releasing it’s latest studio offering titled SLK on February 2nd. Can you tell us about the album’s lyrical theme? And what subjects the album explores? Antti Hyyrynen (Vocals, Guitar) – Actually it’s out February 7th as far as I remember. The whole thing is build on a thin story line, […]

Anubis Gate

SOURCE – How did the new members, especially a new vocalist, impact the band’s sound on this Ep Sheep? Kim Olesen (Guitars) – Michael co-wrote the music to Destined To Remember with me so obviously he had an impact on the direction there. Other that that he plays certain things a bit “broader” than me […]


SOURCE – It’s a real honor to have you here again. What are you up to lately? Paul Speckmann (Vocals, Bass) – We have been touring the world over brother. With the release of the new CD called the Witch-hunt things have been rocking. The last several years have found us on the road all […]