Greatest Amon Amarth Albums

10. Sorrow Throughout The Nine Worlds (2000) 9. The Crusher (2001) 8. The Avenger (1999) 7. Surtur Rising (2011) 6. Jomsviking (2016) 5. Twilight of the Thunder God (2008) 4. Deceiver of the Gods (2013) 3. Fate of Norns (2004) 2. With Oden on Our Side (2006) 1. Versus the World (2002)

God Dethroned

SOURCE – What prompted the return of God Dethroned and how did the band members get back together? Henri Sattler (Vocal, Guitar) – During our 3 year break I was attending the funeral of our former European label boss of Metal Blade Records. There I met a lot of fellow musicians and I realised how […]

The 10 best Immortal songs sung by Abbath

10. Wrath From Above [Damned in Black, 2000] 9. Demonium [Sons of Northern Darkness, 2002] 8. Hordes To War [All Shall Fall, 2009] 7. The Rise Of Darkness [All Shall Fall, 2009] 6. Sons of Northern Darkness [Sons of Northern Darkness, 2002] 5. The Darkness That Embrace Me [Damned in Black, 2000] 4. Beyond the […]


SOURCE – Eu sempre recebo material promocional de bandas brasileiras vindo do Exterior e a maioria delas realmente não chega a ser tão impressionantes como In Chaos We Trust. Parabéns pelo lançamento do álbum! O que você poderia nos falar sobre o álbum? Alexandre Castellan (Vocals, Guitar) – Muito Obrigado! Fico muito feliz pelos elogios! ‘In […]

The Top New Bands You Should Listen to Right Now – May 2017

Grand Delusion – Supreme Machine Location: Umeå, Sweden Supreme Machine by Grand Delusion Fange – Pourrissoir Location: Rennes, France Pourrissoir by FANGE Sublevel – Borders Location: Duisburg, Germany borders EP by SUBLEVEL Blaine Rohmer – Promise of Autumn Location: Minsk, Belarus Promise of Autumn by Blaine Rohmer Altering The Future – Change Location: UK Change […]


SOURCE – Lupaus is the new album – what goals did you set in the development and songwriting for this record, and how do you feel about the overall outcome in comparison to the rest of the Ajattara discography? Pasi Koskinen (Vocals, Guitar) – First of all the main goal was and is, to make […]


SOURCE – How does it feel to be back in the running with Skyclad? Steve Ramsey (guitar) – At our age, and after twenty seven years, I’m not so sure about ‘the running’ – maybe we just like to jog along at our own pace. But there seems to be more of an air of […]

Novembers Doom

SOURCE – The latest album Hamartia seems to have taken the band to another level. What’s your opinion about it? Larry Roberts (guitar) – Well I think with each album we’ve always tried to raise the bar for ourselves. No two albums have sounded alike, and this continues that tradition. Honestly with each album we […]


SOURCE – 30 years and eight albums in – what are the challenges that come about with playing death metal? Patrick Mameli (Lead Guitar/Vocals) – The only challenge is to challenge myself for the constant re-intervention of my own style and music. SOURCE – It’s been four years since your last album Obsideo. What was the […]


SOURCE – You formed in August of 2015. What were the band’s early days like? Dan Sena – Precious started more as a studio project. I had written a couple songs that would become our first EP/Demo and sent them to Dustin Perry. I asked him if he could forward the songs to Brian Lovro […]

10 Most Underrated Noise Records Albums

Celtic Frost Noise Records was a German heavy metal record label founded in 1983 by German music industry personality Karl-Ulrich Walterbach as an expansion of his company Modern Music Records. Noise Records specialized in thrash and melodic speed metal. It was sold to the Sanctuary Records Group in 2001 and ceased any activity in 2007 […]

Cold Night For Alligators

SOURCE – The band has been around for over eight years at this point. How do you feel you’ve changed over time? Kristoffer Winther Jessen (guitar) – It has been quite a journey with a few obstacles and replacements in the band. Sometimes it has been hard  and difficult but today we have ended up […]


SOURCE – To me, Evocation is definitely one of Sweden’s greatest metal exports. You have been part of the band since Tales from the Tomb that released back in 2007. How does it feel when you look back in time? How much has this band been an important part of your life all these years? […]

Ghost Iris

SOURCE – Blind World is the latest full-length album. Can you provide us some details on the songwriting and recording sessions, were there any surprises, highlights, or challenges that had to be worked through, and how do you feel about the overall outcome this many months out? Jesper (Vocals) – Song writing is usually done in […]

Lock Up – Demonization

Listenable Records 9,0/10,0 Tracklist: 01. Blood and Emptiness 03:08 02. The Decay Within the Abyss 02:58 03. Locust 02:14 04. Demonization 05:20 05. Demons Raging 02:46 06. Desolation Architect 03:16 07. Instruments of Armageddon 02:24 08. Sunk 02:32 09. The Plague That Stalks the Darkness 02:59 10. Foul from the Pure 03:17 11. Mind Fight […]


SOURCE – First of all, congratulations with the release of City of Sin. I recently heard the album and it was mind blowing! How is the reaction so far with the album? Christian Nørgaard (Guitar) – Mixed to be honest. The major part of reviewers and people in the music business that has heard it […]

Primal Attack

SOURCE — Primeiramente parabéns pelo lançamento do álbum Heartless Oppressor. Como você avaliaria a produção do disco? Miranda (Bass) – A produção ficou a cargo do nosso guitarrista Miguel Tereso e a avaliação que fazemos é super positiva, já todos sabíamos a qualidade do Tereso e por isso o produto final não foi surpresa nenhuma. […]


SOURCE – Can you introduce us to your band members and tell us whether we should know them from other bands or projects. Do they have other activities at this moment in time? Mads Aksglæde (Guitars) – Most of us have played in other bands from time to another in bigger or smaller settings. Jimmie and […]

Ten Things You Need to Know About Sacred Reich

Sacred Reich is a Phoenix, Arizona based thrash metal band that formed in 1985. Link: Sacred Reich 1 – Crimes Against Humanity [The American Way, 1990] 2 – Love/Hate [The American Way, 1990] 3 – One Nation [Surf Nicaragua, 1988] 4 – Surf Nicaragua [Surf Nicaragua, 1988] 5 – Ignorance [Ignorance, 1987] 6 – The […]


SOURCE – Atrocities from Beyond foi lançado recentemente no cenário, obtendo ótimas críticas. Como você avalia a produção do álbum? Tiago Correia (Drums) – A produção do álbum foi um processo demorado (cerca de dois anos) desde toda a composição das músicas, até à gravação, mistura, masterização e todo o design e artwork à volta […]