SOURCE – Winter Thrice is described as almost the music culmination of Borknagar’s musical evolution and growth over the years. Can you explain this please? Øystein G. Brun (Guitar) – This being our 10th album and since we have been around for 20 years, we wanted to do something special with this album. So one […]

Mass Hysteria

SOURCE – Over the years, has your songwriting process remained pretty consistent or does it change from album to album? Moustapha Mouss Kelai (Vocals) – No, it doesn’t change from album to album. Yann, the lead guitarist, brings a lot of riffs then all the band works together to create a song. Once the song […]

Hills Have Eyes

SOURCE – Antebellum é o terceiro álbum da banda com mais de dez anos de fundação. O que esse novo álbum representa para a banda? Luis Silva (Bass) – Antebellum representa uma nova fase na vida de Hills Have Eyes e para nós é claramente o trabalho mais importante da banda até á data, não só […]


SOURCE – O Rot é uma das banda mais antigas do cenário extremo em atividade. Você poderia mencionar algo sobre a banda como discografia, tours e formação atual? Mendigo (Guitar) – Por este estar hospedado em uma Web, vou deixar aqui nosso site: Nele está toda a história de forma resumida e clara com […]


SOURCE – Speaking of those beginnings, I’m curious as to where that was specifically for you in your youth – where you sort of had that moment of clarity that set you on the path to where you are now? Johan Ericson (Guitar) – No, not really. When I was younger me and some friends […]

One Machine

SOURCE – You used an campaign to fund the recording of The Final Cull. Looking back, what are thoughts on the crowdfunding experience? Do you think would do it again? Steve Smyth (Guitar) – We did, and even though we didn’t hit the target we were after, we still feel this was a great […]


SOURCE – What should the fans expect of this new album Chaotic Nation and how would you describe it to the fans that have not listened to it yet? Aksu Hanttu (Drums) – It is definitely our most diverse album. There is a lot of nuances. There is rocking stuff, metal stuff, electric stuff, quite […]

Leaves Eyes

SOURCE – I wanted to start things off by asking about the new album King of Kings you have out. What were the actual changes that you tried to bring forth on this record? Liv Kristine Espenæs Krull (Vocal) – It was clear to us from the very beginning that this album would be our […]


SOURCE – What’s been happening with the band between the release of Iconoclastic and now? Samuli Peltola (Guitar) – Lot’s of things. We did the longest European tour that any Finnish band has done (with Children of Bodom) when Iconoclastic came out in late 2013. That tour cost us our former lead-singer and probably a […]

Monster Coyote

SOURCE – Primeiramente parabéns pelo álbum Neckbraker, um registro representativo. Conte nos um pouco sobre o processo criativo do Monster Coyote para compor Neckbraker. Daniel Araújo (Bateria) – Em 2014 a gente decidiu dar uma diminuída no ritmo de shows afim de nos dedicarmos às novas composições, como a banda tem integrantes que moram em […]

The Shorts

SOURCE – Curitiba sempre lançou boas bandas no cenário. Como é criar uma banda em uma cidade que já lançou tanta coisa boa no cenário nacional? Natasha Durski (Vocal) – Somos fãs de muitas bandas da cidade, e alguns dos membros tem banda por aqui há 15 anos. Isso é algo que facilita muito pra […]

Slayer – Repenteless

Slayer – Repenteless Nuclear Blast Records 9,0/10,0 Tracklist: 01. Delusions of Saviour 1:55 02. Repentless 3:19 03. Take Control 3:14 04. Vices 3:32 05. Cast the First Stone 3:43 06. When the Stillness Comes 4:21 07. Chasing Death 3:45 08. Implode 3:49 09. Piano Wire 2:49 10. Atrocity Vendor 2:55 11. You Against You 4:21 […]

Fear Factory – Genexus

Fear Factory – Genexus Nuclear Blast Records 9,0/10,0 Tracklist: 01. Autonomous Combat System 5:28 02. Anodized 4:47 03. Dielectric 4:19 04. Soul Hacker 3:12 05. ProtoMech 4:56 06. Genexus 4:48 07. Church of Execution 3:21 08. Regenerate 4:02 09. Battle for Utopia 4:14 10. Expiration Date 8:48 Main Focus Tracks: 01. Autonomous Combat System 5:28 […]

Leaves Eyes – King Of Kings

Leaves Eyes – King Of Kings AFM Records 8,0/10,0 Tracklist: 1. Sweven 02:03 2. King of Kings 04:47 3. Halvdan the Black 04:22 4. The Waking Eye 04:41 5. Feast of the Year 00:37 6. Vengeance Venom 03:17 7. Sacred Vow 04:20 8. Edge of Steel (featuring Simone Simons from Epica) 05:06 9. Haraldskvæði 03:24 […]

Soulfly – Arch Angel

Soulfly – Arch Angel Nuclear Blast Records 4,0/10,0 Tracklist: 1. We Sold Our Souls to Metal 3:00 2. Archangel 4:47 3. Sodomites (featuring Todd Jones) 3:55 4. Ishtar Rising 2:45 5. Live Life Hard! (featuring Matt Young) 3:56 6. Shamash 3:48 7. Bethlehem’s Blood 4:18 8. Titans 4:44 9. Deceiver 2:44 10. Mother of Dragons […]

George Kollias

SOURCE – How did the George Kollias project come about? George Kollias – It was just an idea in the beginning, recording some of the songs I wrote for my 2 instructional DVDs and just release something official for the fans. I saw many people enjoying my music and asking for more songs so that was the main motivation […]

To Die For

SOURCE – Would you say that the new album is more immediately accessible than Samsara? Jape Perätalo (Vocals) – Hmmm… I think it is, what comes to its slash and burn. Some TDF fans are missing more keyboards, or more clean vocals. But this is CULT album, and this is how we wanted do album this […]


SOURCE – Let’s talk about Audiotopsy – the new project that you’re part of. You guys have a new album Natural Causes coming out. What can you tell us about this process? How did this thing come together for you to the point where you’re ready to tour now? Greg Tribbett (Guitars) – I was […]

Boy Sets Fire

SOURCE – You’ve got your new album, Boysetsfire. What was the process like in recording that album and what can Boy Sets Fire fans expect to hear on it? Robert Ehrenbrand (Bass) – There is something really special about this record… it has a very energetic, yet hopeful undertone and it represents the band 100%. […]

The Great Discord

SOURCE – What should the fans expect of this new album Duende and how would you describe it to the fans that have not listened to it yet? Fia Kempe (Vocals) | Aksel Holmgren (Drums) – The meaning of the word Duende can be compared with a heightened state of emotion in what you do, […]

Rotting Christ

SOURCE – Your band has been active for almost twenty seven years now and you have a big discography, yet Lucifer Over Athens is the first ever live release. How was the decision taken? Sakis Tolis (Vocals/Guitar) – As a band with 27 years as you already mentioned with 13 studio albums couple of demos and […]


SOURCE – Under The Red Cloud is finished and ready to come out on September 4th. How do you feel about the finished product? Tomi Koivusaari (Guitar) – I feel very strong about it, I honestly think it is one of our best albums, even that’s clichee to say that heh, but really, I’m really happy […]


SOURCE – How come it took four years between Live By The Code and The 25th Hour? Scott Vogel (Vocals) – Well my friend it’s only been a little over two years. Live By The Code came out in April 2013. This thing is right on time. SOURCE – The new album is called The […]

Cattle Decapitation

SOURCE – Every album has that distinctive Cattle Decapitation style, but what’s different about The Anthropocene Extinction? David McGraw (Drums) – Every Cattle Decapitation album has its own sort of unique ambience and topics in which we focus on lyrically and conceptually. For our new album which comes out August 7th, we naturally progressed into […]