SOURCE – 30 years and eight albums in – what are the challenges that come about with playing death metal?

Patrick Mameli (Lead Guitar/Vocals) – The only challenge is to challenge myself for the constant re-intervention of my own style and music.

SOURCE – It’s been four years since your last album Obsideo. What was the creative process behind making your new album Hadeon?

Patrick Mameli (Lead Guitar/Vocals) – I was actually working for my new project MOORDZUCHT, but all those tunes turned out to be full PESTILENCE songs!

SOURCE – With the state of the music business today, how do you determine your expectations for an album?

Patrick Mameli (Lead Guitar/Vocals) – I really have not to much expectations anymore. The industry has changed so much and had to come up with new distribution processes etc. I can think it’s my best work were others just dwell on the old material.

SOURCE – The recording process is so much different now than it was in the 80’s and 90’s – do you enjoy the new recording technology or is a challenge to wrap yourselves around?

Patrick Mameli (Lead Guitar/Vocals) – It has become way easier to do own preproductions. Most muscisians have sequencers. I would not have it any other way. But going into a full blown studio is awesome though costly.

SOURCE – As involved as you have been with the genre over your life, what makes a death metal lifer?

Patrick Mameli (Lead Guitar/Vocals) – For me it’s just the love for extreme music. At home I hardly listen to metal anyways. I need to stay clean from influences.

SOURCE – In your 30 years in the music industry there have massive changes in the business. What’s your take on the shift from physical albums/CDs to digital to now streaming, where you don’t even own the music, you rent it?

Patrick Mameli (Lead Guitar/Vocals) – I don’t listen to any other music, but for some Allan Holdsworth perhaps. Not alot of music can thrill me nowadays.

SOURCE – Give us an update on the other bands and projects you’re currently involved with outside Pestilence.

Patrick Mameli (Lead Guitar/Vocals) – MOORDZUCHT and NEUROMORPH are still on my mind and there projects will see daylight.

SOURCE – Anything else you’d like to add?

Patrick Mameli (Lead Guitar/Vocals) – Thanks for your constant support really. Death Metal rules.