Rotting Christ

SOURCE – Your band has been active for almost twenty seven years now and you have a big discography, yet Lucifer Over Athens is the first ever live release. How was the decision taken?

Sakis Tolis (Vocals/Guitar) – As a band with 27 years as you already mentioned with 13 studio albums couple of demos and 7 eps the decision of releasing the first ever official live album was normal. We had some live dvds etc but we wanted to have a completed and unique ROTTING CHRIST album alive. Here it comes with 31 songs from all of our discography!

SOURCE – Many bands record several live shows and then choose which fits best for a live release on similar occasions. Did you follow the same process or was it pre-decided for Athens?

Sakis Tolis (Vocals/Guitar) – Pre decided. In Athens. A two days sold out show in our home town was the best decision in my opinion.

SOURCE – Do you feel like this live show albums sums up your career so far? What place does it hold among the rest of your records?

Sakis Tolis (Vocals/Guitar) – It was a nightmare to choose the songs but I want to belive that we made the best possible best off decision, now if we have disappointed someone I want to tell that we couldn’t do better with a band with more or less 150 songs released. We had to choose only 31!

SOURCE – What are the pros and cons of producing an album yourselves as opposed to bringing in an outside guy?

Sakis Tolis (Vocals/Guitar) – We all have worked as sound engineers we know what our band wants and we are follwers of DO IT YOURSELF motto so for the live album we did everything by ourself. This is how we feel that we have a band. This is the old spirit.

SOURCE – The fans of the band will probably purchase the album. Outsiders though rarely choose a live recording as an introduction to a band, what would you say to these people in order to persuade them to check your new record and music?

Sakis Tolis (Vocals/Guitar) – Live albums are for fans for people that know the band. If someone want to introduce our band he might be better to listen one of our studio albums.

SOURCE – Is it difficult for a band to stay active for 20+ years? Were there any hard times in the past where you considered splitting up?

Sakis Tolis (Vocals/Guitar) – Hmmm if I say no I will be a liar but my passion and love for my previous music and scene prevailed and I am here fighting in the battle filed in the name of metal for almost three decades. If health permit I will do that until I die!

SOURCE – Do you feel the economic situation in Greece added to fuel black and death metal bands with negative emotions, aggressiveness, and feelings or do you feel the situation hurt the black/death scene and bands were having more trouble going into a studio? How did the economic situation affect the Greek metal scene?

Sakis Tolis (Vocals/Guitar) – It is the first time that I shaked because of what is going on in Greece. We have passed many as a country but this time was and still is something strong. The question now is how you can survive and create artistically when there is too much misery around you but history has shown that if something doesn’t kill you make you stronger and I want to believe that this will not kill us.

SOURCE – How do you balance the busy schedule of a musician (playing live shows, recording albums) with your personal lives and the time devoted to your families?

Sakis Tolis (Vocals/Guitar) – Ohhh yes… ooohhhh yes… Hard though but if you consider what you are doing seriously in Metal you find out ways. There is no easy path here my friend.

SOURCE – Apart from this, what are the future plans for Rotting Christ? Any chance for a full length on the horizon?

Sakis Tolis (Vocals/Guitar) – I am giving this interview from the studio where I am currently working on the new album. Out early 2016… Hope to not disappoint you. It gonna be DARK and ritualistic as HELL.

SOURCE – Do you have any plans of a South America and Brazil tour?

Sakis Tolis (Vocals/Guitar) – It cant be a worldwide tour without passing from our lovely continent. Hermanos y hermanas see you next year in your land. Untill then.

Rotting Christ