SOURCE – The new CD offers everything a Soilwork fan could want. Now it’s out there, has it met your expectations?

Ola Flink (Bass) – The response have been great, which makes me happy because we are very proud of it. Its great to see that it translates to the listener.

SOURCE – When did you embark on the songwriting process for what became "The Live Infinite"?

Ola Flink (Bass) – I’d say somewhere around early 2012. Its a somewhat on going process but the actual songwriting started around then.

SOURCE – What was your mindset going in as far as musical direction, and did the finished songs end up that way?

Ola Flink (Bass) – To keep an open mind and just write music that really speaks to us, no boundaries. Going into the studio I don’t think we knew excactly how it was gonna turn out. It all came together while going through the actual recording process. The result is Beyonce everything I hoped for.

SOURCE – How did Justin Sullivan’s guest appearance come about?

Ola Flink (Bass) – I know that him and Björn met a couple of years ago, being that he is a huge nma fan I think a seed got planted at that time. And while we were in the studio we had this song called the winds wept mercy that Björn thought Would be perfect for Justin. So an e-mail got sent and he replied really fast saying that he Would love to do it.

SOURCE – What can be done to reverse the decline in the music industry over the past several years?

Ola Flink (Bass) – I really don’t know but I’m sure there is a ton of people working on it. In the meantime we do what we can to survive. And to be able to do that you have to keep creating great music, there will always be people willing to purchase music and go to shows. I Would rather to try to stay focused on the music instead if the industry.

SOURCE – How much attention do you pay to reviews, both positive and negative?

Ola Flink (Bass) – Personally I do like to read reviews just because I’m curious, not that I care to much about it. It is however always great to see that people like your music because its the listeners that enables you to keep on doing what you love.

SOURCE – As someone who was around for the beginning of Swedish death metal, who were your favorite bands from that era?

Ola Flink (Bass) – I was really into bands Like Entombed and Dismember.

SOURCE – Do you have any plans to do a live album or DVD any time soon?

Ola Flink (Bass) – Yeah we have plans, not sure excactly when it will happen too.

SOURCE – Any possibility of a South American tour?

Ola Flink (Bass) – There is a good chance if that, we Would really love it.

SOURCE – Care to say something to your fans?

Ola Flink (Bass) – Give our latest effort the living infinite a listen. I seriously doubt that you will be dissappointed. And hope to see you in 2013.

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