We Ride

SOURCE – For those youngsters unfamiliar with all things We Ride, describe the band’s lyrical and musical approach.

Mimi Telmo (Vocals) – We Ride is a hardcore band from Vigo, shooting about day to day problems, in our lyrics you can listen songs against politicians, against speciesism, gender violence and our way of living life, in spite of all those problems, always with a positive mental attitude. Musically you can hear different influences of hardcore, punk and metal, with lots of fast parts, catchy choruses and heavy breakdowns.

SOURCE – Which Empowering Life songs are you most proud of?

Mimi Telmo (Vocals) – Self made was the first single so…. It’s a song with the typical lyrics about being yourself and to not care about what other people say, but we think it’s a very important message to spread to the world.

SOURCE – Were there any songs that were left behind that you really wished was on the album Empowering Life, that you voted for and didn’t get on the final product?

Mimi Telmo (Vocals) – The truth is that only one song was left out, and it was because we all thought that it was not at the same level as the other songs.

SOURCE – What do you think the band brings to this style of music that makes it stand out from the crowd?

Mimi Telmo (Vocals) – We try to open our minds to other sounds and not closing ourselves only to hardcore. As I said before, in our songs in addition to hardcore, you can hear many more punk parts, very heavy parts and even “pop” parts. We love Madball, but there are already thousands of bands that try to sound like them.

SOURCE – Coming from Spain, do you believe there are any struggles or obstacles you had to overcome to establish We Ride as a viable, professional band that can be competitive with other international acts?

Mimi Telmo (Vocals) – It is very complicated, there is a big offer with good shows and festivals almost every weekend and our geographic situation is not the best to just go out to play shows just for a weekend, usually we have to travel around 2000km, but nowadays with internet it is very easy getting to everyone!

SOURCE – When you are off tour or not making music what are you doing? Do you work at another job or is music it?

Mimi Telmo (Vocals) – Of course! We all have our jobs when we’re not on tour. We work in different places related with tourism or the music industry.

SOURCE – Is the current metal scene still strong in Spain, or has it been surpassed by some other European countries?

Mimi Telmo (Vocals) – The scene here is one of the smallest in Europe. We have good summer festivals, but hardly big touring bands the rest of the year especially if you compare with other European countries like Germany, Belgium or Holland …

SOURCE – That’s all I have for you, I really appreciate you taking the time to do the interview!

Mimi Telmo (Vocals) – Thank you for the support! Keep up the good work!

We Ride