Moonspell -1755

Moonspell 1755 Napalm Records 10,0/10,0 Tracklist: 1. Em Nome Do Medo 2. 1755 3. In Tremor Dei 4. Desastre 5. Abanão 6. Evento 7. 1 De Novembro 8. Ruínas 9. Todos Os Santos 10. Lanterna Dos Afogados Main Focus Tracks: 2. 1755 3. In Tremor Dei 4. Desastre 6. Evento 8. Ruínas Other Recommended Tracks: […]


SOURCE – What’s your mindset when it comes time to writing a new album? Is there an internal drive to best what you have done previously? Michael Vorph Locher (vocals, guitar) – There’s somenting of this, of course we always want to up-scale our game and make an album that is better than everything we’ve […]

Arch Enemy – Will To Power

Arch Enemy Will To Power Century Media Records 5,0/10,0 Tracklist: 01. Set Flame To The Night (01:20) 02. The Race (03:15) 03. Blood In The Water (03:55) 04. The World Is Yours (04:53) 05. The Eagle Flies Alone (05:16) 06. Reason To Believe (04:48) 07. Murder Scene (03:50) 08. First Day In Hell (04:48) 09. […]

Kublai Khan – Nomad

Kublai Khan Nomad Rise Records 8,0/10,0 Tracklist: 1. River Walker 2. Split 3. Salt Water 4. B.C. 5. No Kin 6. Belligerent 7. 8 Years 8. The Hammer 9. True Fear 10. Antpile Main Focus Tracks: 5. No Kin 8. The Hammer Other Recommended Tracks: 4. B.C. 7. 8 Years 9. True Fear Line-Up: Matt […]

We Ride

SOURCE – For those youngsters unfamiliar with all things We Ride, describe the band’s lyrical and musical approach. Mimi Telmo (Vocals) – We Ride is a hardcore band from Vigo, shooting about day to day problems, in our lyrics you can listen songs against politicians, against speciesism, gender violence and our way of living life, […]


SOURCE – Could you describe your creative process on the basis of a piece or album (Land of Weeping Souls) that’s particularly dear to you, please? Where do ideas come from, what do you start with and how do you go about shaping these ideas? Rogga Johansson (Vocals, Guitars) – Well indeed the new album is very […]

Samael – Hegemony

SAMAEL Hegemony Napalm Records 9,0/10,0 Tracklist: 1. Hegemony 2. Samael 3. Angel of Wrath 4. Rite of Renewal 5. Red Planet 6. Black Supremacy 7. Murder or Suicide 8. This World 9. Against All Enemies 10. Land of the Living 11. Dictate of Transparency 12. Helter Skelter Main Focus Tracks: 1. Hegemony 5. Red Planet […]

36 Crazyfists

SOURCE – First of all congrats on the early response to the new album Lanterns. It’s getting great word of mouth. Did you had a specific idea in mind of what you wanted for this album before entering the studio and how close did you come to that original vision? Brock Lindow (Vocals) – I […]

Explicit Hate

SOURCE – O Explicit Hate é um dos grandes nomes do cenário nacional, mas, infelizmente, só conseguiu lançar um álbum, A View of the Other Side o qual é considerado um clássico para a cena brasileira. Qual foi o motivo da banda ter lançado apenas esse álbum? Gustavo Santoro (Vocals, Guitars) – Bom, antes de tudo, […]


SOURCE – What makes Amain Crimfall’s best album to date? Jakke Viitala (Guitar) – Everything is bigger and better this time. The songs, the sound, the band. Everything! We spent lot of time and resources to finish this massive production… And It really shines this time. SOURCE – Have you filmed any videos for this […]


SOURCE – Eu tomei um susto quando o Bandcamp mandou o link de vocês para analise. Nome de banda em sueco, letras e vocais em português e uns riffs que lembram os grandes nomes do metal sueco dos anos oitenta. Como você apresentaria a banda? Fabricio Karlsson (Vocals) – A banda basicamente é formada por pessoas […]

Burning Witches

SOURCE – The debut album has been released for a few weeks now, how do you feel it has been received? Romana (Guitars) – We are very happy. We have sold many CDs and a lot of merchandise items! The reactions were much better than we expected. We are thrilled! SOURCE – What types of […]


SOURCE – No Limite da Força da força completa 30 anos em 2017. Quantos relançamentos o disco já teve e quais as atividades comemorativas para esse importante aniversário? Evandro Jr (Drums) – Se minha memória não falha, o álbum foi relançado pela Devil Discos em vinil ainda nos anos 80 e posteriormente relançado em CD […]


SOURCE – O Genocídio é um dos pioneiros do metal extremo no Brasil, iniciando seus lançamentos com o EP Genocídio em 1988. Como você apresentaria a carreira da banda e os lançamentos que vocês realizaram ao longo desses anos? WPerna (Bass) – A banda mudou em alguns aspectos no decorrer do tempo, afinal são 30 […]


SOURCE – Até o momento “Inner Monster Out” é o disco com maior repercussão na carreira profissional da banda. Qual a importância do álbum para o desenvolvimento da carreira da banda? Dani Nolden (Vocals) – O “Inner Monster Out” foi um tipo de divisor de águas pra nós, em todos os sentidos possíveis. Nós demos […]


SOURCE – How did you feel your Black Nova album turned out – what takeaways do you have about the recording sessions and final product? Shawter (Vocals) – I feel great now the job is done! Composing, recording and mixing Black Nova was a super cool time, so now I can’t wait for it to […]

For I Am King

SOURCE – How are you fitting into the band right now? Jaap (Drums) – At the moment I’m playing drums and doing most of the graphic design for the band. Alma (Vocals) – I am the vocalist and awkward dancer in For I Am King. SOURCE – Your last album Daemons has been out for […]

Bands You Simply Can’t Ignore in July 2017!

BOG BOG Unshrivenby BOG  Terrorvälde upcoming album by Terrorvälde Huldre Tusmørke byHuldre  Wode Servants of the Countercosmos by Wode Dead Season Prophecies by DeadSeason  Fall of an Empire Croweater 2: The Last Wishes of Kings by Fall of anEmpire  David Maxim Micic Who Bit the Moon by David Maxim Micic Mavradoxa LetheanLament by Mavradoxa  Havamal […]

Kreator – Extreme Aggression (Remastered)

Kreator – Extreme Aggression (Remastered) Release Date (Remastered) – 09/06/2017 Release Date – 19 June 1989 Recorded – January-February in 1989 in Hollywood – California Producer – Randy Burns Noise Records/BMG 9,5/10,0 Tracklist: 1. Extreme Aggression 2. No Reason to Exist 3. Love Us or Hate Us 4. Stream of Consciousness 5. Some Pain Will […]

Kreator – Terrible Certainty (Remastered)

Kreator – Terrible Certainty (Remastered) Release Date (Remastered) – 09/06/2017 Release Date – September 22, 1987 Producer – Roy Rowland Cover Artwork – Phil Lawvere Recorded in Horus Studio, Hanover – Germany Noise Records/BMG 9,0/10,0 Tracklist: 1. Blind Faith 2. Storming with Menace 3. Terrible Certainty 4. As the World Burns 5. Toxic Trace 6. […]

Kreator – Pleasure To Kill (Remastered)

Kreator – Pleasure To Kill (Remastered) Release Date (Remastered) – 09/06/2017 Release Date – November 1, 1986 Producer – Harris Johns, Ralf Hubert Cover Artwork – Phil Lawvere Recorded in Musiclab in Berlin – Germany, 1986 Noise Records/BMG 10,0/10,0 Tracklist: 1. Intro (Choir of the Damned) 2. Ripping Corpse 3. Death Is Your Saviour 4. […]

Kreator – Endless Pain (Remastered)

Kreator – Endless Pain (Remastered) Noise Records/BMG 10,0/10,0 Release Date (Remastered) – 09/06/2017 Release Date – October 1985 Producer – Horst Müller Recorded and mixed in 10 days on March 1985 at Caet Studio, Berlin – Germany Tracklist: 1 Endless Pain 2 Total Death 3 Storm of the Beast 4 Tormentor 5 Son of Evil […]