Cavalera Conspiracy – Pandemonium

Cavalera Conspiracy – Pandemonium Napalm Records 2,0/10,0 Tracklist: 1. Babylonian Pandemonium 3:35 2. Banzai Kamikazi 4:04 3. Scum 2:28 4. I, Barbarian 3:24 5. Cramunhao 5:28 6. Apex Predator 3:45 7. Insurrection 3:49 8. Not Losing the Edge 5:10 9. Father of Hate 3:31 10. The Crucible 3:27 11. Deus Ex Machine (bonus track) 6:29 […]


SOURCE – Which are the plans for the support of Deathhammer this time? How much important is this album for the band? Did you believe when you were starting the band that you’ll reach the eighth album and still sound fresh and interesting to your fans? Alwin Zuur (Bass) – We released Deathhammer in 2012, […]

Obituary – Inked In Blood

Obituary – Inked In Blood Gibtown Records/Relapse Records 9,0/10,0 Tracklist: 1 – Centuries of Lies 2 – Violent by Nature 3 – Pain Inside 4 – Visions in my Head 5 – Back on Top 6 – Violence 7 – Inked in Blood 8 – Deny You 9 – Within a Dying Breed 10 – […]

The Haunted

SOURCE – Where do you think Exit Wounds stands in terms of your past releases? Marco Aro (Vocals) – I’d say it really stands out in terms of evolving the sound of the band! Some say it’s back to the roots but infact it’s really a big leap forward. SOURCE – Nowadays in every album […]


SOURCE – What prompted the return of Morgoth and how did the band members get back together? Marc Grewe (Vocals) – We got an invitation of the Rock Hard Magazin in 2011 to do an anniversary show for the 20th birthday of the Cursed album… We first were not sure, if we should do it, […]


SOURCE – I’d like to start with talking about your new album Next Level. Congratulations first of all, it’s excellent album, one of my current favourites! How long did it take to record? Nico LaCorcia (Drums) – Thank you! Well the album was written and recorded on a very short time frame. We spent two […]

For I Am King

SOURCE – For those not yet familiar with For I Am King describe the band in one sentence. Alma (Vocals) – For I am king, it’s simple… just metal! SOURCE – What will you remember most about the recording of the album Revengeance? Alma (Vocals) – Tommie! Our producer, he’s a really chill guy to […]

At The Gates

SOURCE – Congratulations on the new album At War With Reality, first of all. You guys have been doing this on and off for more than two decades now. How do you maintain inspiration and not just get bored and sleepwalk through it? Anders Björler (Guitars) – Well, there’s been some long serious breaks in […]

Burden Of Grief

SOURCE – Burden Of Grief has a new album, Unchained, on the rise. You have a way for fans to purchase it at your shows. Philipp Hanfland (Guitars) – Of course, we always have a little sales-booth at our shows were get in touch with our fans and where they can purchase our music and […]

In Flames

SOURCE – So, you guys have a new album coming up titled Siren Charms, and it’s one of my most anticipated albums of the year. Can you talk about the direction of the album, what you were trying to achieve and how the process was for it? Niclas Engelin (Guitar) – I think the whole […]